Monday, February 8, 2016

Lyme disease prevention poster contest

This year will be the 7th annual statewide Lyme disease prevention poster contest in schools for students K-8. Children this age have high rates of Lyme disease, which is why increasing their knowledge of prevention is important.

The topic of this year’s contest is “Tick Watch” to emphasize awareness and prevention of ticks. Posters should be creative, colorful and express the importance of being informed about ticks and mindful of good prevention habits. Along with this theme, students should try to illustrate at least one specific preventative method on the poster, such as:  use an EPA-approved repellent, wearing protective clothing, performing daily tick checks or using caution in tick infested areas.

Two more examples of last year’s winning designs and general Lyme disease information are available at:

For questions about the poster contest, email the Public Health Corps at

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