Tuesday, August 25, 2015

PHEP supports State Police search

Delorme InReach In its role of managing various vaccines and antidotes in the event of a public health emergency, Maine CDC’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) program identified the need to keep drivers of these types of supplies safe and secure.
Delorme InReach was ultimately chosen to meet this goal, as it allows for real-time GPS tracking. The technology also features text-based communication from the device to a web-interface that can be monitored at a central location.
Recently, this technology was used by the Maine State Police in their manhunt for suspect Robert Burton in Piscataquis County, which ended after 68 days on August 11.  The State Police appreciated the use of these units:
“What the units have enabled us to do is to track personnel in real time as we deploy tactical assets in the field.  By equipping each team with a device, we are able to visually demonstrate to the planners and managers of the incident where each team is tracking.  Not only is that demonstration valuable for progress display, it also allows for the ongoing consideration of reactionary forces should the team encounter a threat.
“The devices have also afforded us a communication alternative in an environment where radio communication is poor.  By utilizing the satellite capabilities to communicate, we are more assured that we are able to relay relevant information to the field as well receive urgent data from any team.”
This real-life application of the technology also served as on-the-job training for the State Police who were active in this search. They are now ready to assist in any public health emergency without additional training.