Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cancer registry awards

Cancer Registry staff pose with awards
L-R: Dr. Molly Schwenn and Katherine Boris of the Maine Cancer Registry and Debra Wigand, Director of Maine CDC's Division of Population Health,  pictured with the two honors from US CDC.

The Maine Cancer Registry has been recognized with two national honors from the US CDC National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR)
Maine was recognized as one of 19 states to receive the Registry of Excellence designation. In addition, the registry was recognized for achieving the highest standards for data completeness, timeliness and quality. According to the NPCR, Maine’s data are so thorough and accurate that they will be included in this year's United States Cancer Statistics report and other analytic data sets. 
Achievement of these standards and certification is important to ensure accurate information is available about cancer in Maine and to monitor trends in cancer diagnosis. Detecting cancer at an earlier stage can improve outcomes. Maine hospitals are partners in this effort, providing up-to-date local information to the Maine Cancer Registry.

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