Monday, March 9, 2015

SIM Annual Meeting Progress Report

The annual meeting for the State Innovation Model (SIM) grant was held in Augusta this week.  Maine SIM Partners, SIM evaluator, and Maine's federal project officer from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation were in attendance to share results and successes during year one of the three-year grant. Maine CDC provided an update on initiatives it is leading: National Diabetes Prevention Program, Community Health Workers, and State Population Health Plan. 

National Diabetes Prevention Program is based on a research study that demonstrated adults at high risk for type 2 diabetes can prevent or delay the disease by 58 percent (71 percent if over age 60) by making modest lifestyle changes through a structured program. Maine CDC held a lifestyle coach training in May 2014 and a forum that engaged providers, payers, and businesses in November 2014. 

Community Health Workers (CHWs) provide culturally appropriate information and outreach to vulnerable patients. This initiative is two pronged - looking at both infrastructure and pilot sites.  SIM funding is supporting four CHW pilot projects, which have hired nine CHWs. Trainings were held in November 2014 for both CHWs and CHW supervisors.  Pilots are focusing on individuals out of care/in need of medical home and individuals with chronic conditions.

A State Population Health Plan will be developed by September 2016.  The State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) is the cornerstone for the population health plan.  Maine will utilize the annual review and update of the existing SHIP as an opportunity to engage leadership as well as stakeholders in the enhancement of the SHIP to support the population health plan.  Enhancement of the SHIP will support work to improve the health of the entire state population; improve the quality of health care across the state and, reduce health care costs.   

The Maine SIM intends to achieve the Triple Aim goals of improving the health of Maine's population, improving the experience Maine patients have with their care, and reducing the total cost of care. The work extends across a broad spectrum of public and private health partners.  For more information, visit 

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