Thursday, June 12, 2014

Go local, get seasonal with new public health data

The Maine Tracking Network recently released a suite of local data related to private well water quality and testing. 

Now, anyone can query summary measures for arsenic, uranium, fluoride, and other chemicals commonly found in excess of public health standards in Maine private wells.
These data are the first on the Maine Tracking Network to be presented for Healthy Maine Partnership service areas and towns, making it easy to identify areas at high-risk for private well water concerns and focus local interventions.
And, in time for summer, the Maine Tracking Network has data about heat illness and Lyme disease-data that help describe who may be at-risk for these seasonal conditions.
Go to  to create your own customized maps, tables, and charts for these topics and many more, such as asthma, childhood lead poisoning, cancer, and birth outcomes.

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