Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hepatitis A outbreak and response

Maine CDC’s Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program recently investigated a case of hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection that was traced to a community event in Durham. A person infected with HAV prepared and served food at a church supper attended by about 100 people.

When administered within two weeks of exposure to hepatitis A, vaccination is very effective in preventing illness. Representatives from Maine CDC’s Public Health Nursing (PHN) Program, Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program, and Maine Immunization Program collaborated to plan and execute a free, public hepatitis A vaccine clinic.

The Maine Immunization Program procured the vaccine and assisted in the clinic logistics, including answering questions about the vaccine and other doses needed. Five public health nurses and the PHN supervisor participated in the clinic, administering vaccine to 52 adults and six children.

For more information about the initial investigation and response, see the press release at

For more information about prophylaxis and treatment, see the health alert at

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