Monday, February 11, 2013

Important public health data now online

Maine CDC is pleased to release the Maine Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) 2000-2010 Interactive web-query that should make most popular BRFSS public health data easily available. BRFSS non-institutional adult data is available at the State, District, and County levels in a variety of public health categories including General Health, Chronic Disease, Risk Factors, Prevention Activities, and Environmental Health. Since 1987, Maine BRFSS data has been an important surveillance data source for Maine CDC programs, other DHHS programs, and public health entities. A new version with additional data and a new weighting methodology will be available soon. Subsequent yearly updates will be available.

The BRFSS web-query should be intuitive in its use. It has both basic and advanced query functions and there is a "Quick Guide" reference for more information. The web-query, a link to the National BRFSS homepage with additional BRFSS data, and related BRFSS information are available at

Any questions regarding this Maine web-query system can be directed to Kip Neale, Maine BRFSS Coordinator at or 287-1420.

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