Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lyme disease data

The Maine Tracking Network now includes Lyme disease data.

As the third most commonly reported infectious disease in Maine, Lyme disease poses a significant health risk to people in all parts of Maine. The availability of Lyme disease data on the Maine Tracking Network will raise awareness of the disease and help promote primary prevention of the disease and recognition of the signs of early-stage Lyme disease.

The Maine Tracking Network is a web-based data portal that lets users explore some of Maine's public health data and create customized reports, by geographic area, time period, age group, etc., using analysis and visualization tools.

Maine Tracking Network now has data for 10 public health topics, including asthma, childhood lead poisoning, heart attack, carbon monoxide poisoning, and birth outcomes. Lyme disease data were made available on the network after many months of work and collaboration between members of Maine CDC’s Divisions of Environmental Health, Public Health Systems, and Infectious Disease.

These data can be accessed at: For direct access to the Maine Tracking Network:

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