Thursday, October 4, 2012

National Food Day, Oct. 24

The focus of National Food Day is very close to home here in Maine. Setting aside one day to focus on food reminds us of:

  • the connection between health and great tasting food, like Maine apples;
  • what we can do to end hunger; and
  • the importance of having Maine farms and farmers that produce some of the best tasting fruit, vegetables, meats, chicken, fish, and grains in the nation.
Every day truly could be food day here in Maine. Take some time this month to stop and think about what you eat.  
  • Are the food choices you are making keeping you well?
  • Did you ever wonder where your apples or carrots or meat comes from?
  • Do you take time to enjoy the flavor of your food?
If you answered “No” to any of these questions, take action by taking the Food Day Challenge:
1. Take a small step to eat like your life depends on it - it does.
  • Add one more veggie to your meals.
  • Switch to lower fat dairy, whole grains, and grilled, baked, or broiled foods.
  • Eat a little less.
2. Look for local produce in season. Farmers markets go all year long now.
3. Savor your food with a family member or a friend.
4. When you donate foods to the food bank, think about health.

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