Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Healthy Maine Walks

Scientific research has shown that regular physical activity not only promotes health and well-being, it also reduces the risk of developing many chronic diseases and of becoming overweight or obese. Walking routes offer a safe and fun way to get health-promoting physical activity. Walking requires little or no equipment and can be enjoyed by most individuals, regardless of their abilities. Many routes are also wheelchair accessible.

Healthy Maine Walks is the most comprehensive listing of walking routes in the state. A Healthy Maine Walk is an accessible indoor or outdoor walking route that most people can walk in one hour or less at a brisk pace. Walking routes may be a local high school track, a downtown "museum in the streets" trail, or a portion of a larger trail system. This website is designed specifically to provide users with information about where to find a place to walk near where they live, work or play to help them lead an active healthy lifestyle.

This online resource has just undergone its first major overhaul since being launched more than ten years ago. The new site is more user friendly and provides more information about the walking routes listed. Most of all it enables people across the State who manage and maintain walking routes to upload their route information directly by becoming a HMW “Walk Liaison”. To learn how you can become a Walk Liaison, or to find a walk near you, go to www.healthymainewalks.com, or contact Doug Beck (doug.beck@maine.gov) Physical Activity Coordinator in the Maine CDC Division of Population Health for more information.

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