Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving

Here are some tips and resources to make sure you have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

Managing Diabetes

Having diabetes shouldn't stop you from enjoying holiday celebrations and travel. With some planning and a little work, you can stay healthy on the road and at holiday gatherings with friends and family.

The most important step in managing diabetes during holiday travel and festivities is preparing. Know what you'll be eating, how to enjoy a few traditional favorites while sticking with a healthy meal plan, and how to pack necessary supplies for a trip, and you're all set to celebrate!

Family Health History

The best way to learn about your family health history is to ask questions. Family gatherings during holidays like Thanksgiving provide an opportunity to talk about and record your family's health information—it could make a difference in your child's life.

Your family health history could be important for determining your child's health risks. Learn more about how to document your family's health history and share it with your child's doctor.

Food Safety

HolidayFoodSafety.org has resources on purchasing, preparing, and storing food for holidays as well as shopping checklists and recipes.

Make sure you know how to cook safely to prevent scalds, burns, and fires.

The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services created this 7-minute video on holiday food safety.

And make sure you know how to treat your leftovers!

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