Friday, July 30, 2010

Health Reform Update

How to Find a Health Reform (PPACA) Related Grant in
1. Go to Click on "Find Grant Opportunities" and then "Advanced Search."
2. For the key word search, type in "Affordable Care Act."
3. Or, in the "Search by Funding Activity Category" field, choose "Health" (unless another subject is more appropriate). 4. Or, in the "Search by Agency" field, choose the appropriate agency (U.S. DHHS) or leave the field blank to select all.

Sign up for the RSS feed or daily emails with grant notices from U.S. DHHS or that are related to the Affordable Care Act.

New rules have been issued to make it easier to appeal decisions made by a person’s health plan, including claims denials and rescissions, directly to insurers and then, if necessary, to external review boards. For more information, see this press release from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and this Kaiser Health News article.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has funded several brief reports that explore the effects health reform will have on consumers, state government, the economy, and health care costs.

Two recently issued reports examine how physicians and hospitals will be affected.

HHS and the US Departments of Labor and Treasury have issued new regulations requiring new private health plans to cover evidence-based preventive services and eliminate cost-sharing requirements for those services. These rules are designed to enable easier access to blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol tests; many cancer screenings; routine vaccinations; pre-natal care; and regular wellness visits for infants and children. For more information:

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