Monday, May 3, 2010

Drinking Water Week

This week is National Drinking Water Week-– a time to recognize the important role that safe, reliable drinking water plays in our everyday lives. It’s easy to take our drinking water for granted, but every day around the world, thousands of people die from lack of access to clean water. Maine has abundant and safe sources of drinking water and we all work hard to keep it this way.

Three things you can do to help keep your drinking water clean:

  1. Handle gasoline, motor oil, fertilizers, pesticides and other hazardous chemicals with care, making sure not to dump them on the ground or pour them down the sink. When you’re done with them, dispose of them properly at a recycling center.
  2. Maintain your septic system and make sure it is in good working condition. Failing septic systems are one of the major sources of nitrates in surface water supplies.
  3. Encourage your neighbors to take care of their septic tanks, petroleum, and chemicals with as much care as you do
For more information, see this press release.

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