Sunday, August 24, 2008

Downeast Trip - Homeward Bound

Leaving the county, I felt a wide mixture of emotions. On one hand I felt shaken by seeing the dozens of graves of young people. On the other hand, I also felt inspired by the many people we met and the beauty of Washington County.

I also kept thinking of the eagles we witnessed on Big Lake. The eagle needs our respect and trust. Without these, the eagle can tragically dwindle to endangerment. With them, the eagle can flourish and give us strength and inspiration.

As the sun set, we drove home through Routes 1 and 6, across the northern part of Washington County. I could see the changes in the landscape from the rocky granite and blueberry barrens along the coast, to the heavy woods along the county’s mid-section, to now the more rolling hills and lakes, very reminiscent of adjacent Aroostook County to the north, the home area of my mother.

After passing through Lincoln, Interstate 95 whisked us southbound. As we drove home I asked my children what they liked best about their visit of Washington County. One replied they were delighted my Blackberry and cell phone, because of poor reception, did not interrupt their time with me and the friends we made. The other said combing the beaches and the boat ride on the lake with Mr. Sockabasin was what they liked best. It seems that both children tapped into what made the trip special to me as well – the beauty of spending time with each other and our Downeast friends as well as the natural beauty of the area.

Indeed, Downeast Maine is extremely precious, and I am grateful for our short trip there and the many gifts we were blessed with. Thank you – Woliwon!

Washington County

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