Wednesday, September 20, 2017

News from the districts - Downeast

The Downeast Public Health Council identified three primary priorities and one secondary priority for their three-year district public health improvement plan. The council then funded incubator-style proposals to offer smaller amounts of funding to meet specific objectives and outcomes, allowing many district partners to develop pilot projects.

The council funded seventeen projects from February-June 2017. Two of these focused on an assessment of physical activity work in each county and then developing a pilot project. In Washington County, the project was initiating more bicycle mobility and having access to bicycles and safety equipment as well as learning how to maintain a bicycle.

In Hancock County, the project mapped walking trails and neighborhood walks, imprinted them on postcards, and provided smart phone capability in connecting people to these walking sites.

The council also provided a stipend for a Hanley Leadership undergraduate intern to work with district partners on developing a lung cancer outreach campaign.

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