Tuesday, January 17, 2017

News from the districts - Central

An important role of the Central District Coordinating Council (DCC) - and all DCCs - is to develop and implement a district public health improvement plan. District public health improvement plans have three purposes: (1) improve health of district residents, (2) improve the district public health system, and (3) inform the State Health Improvement Plan.
The Central DCC has worked this fall to review data and choose priorities for the 2016-19 plan and asked the hospitals and health systems in the district to present their newly-chosen strategic priorities to see where we can work together.
Priorities selected for 2016-19 are substance use/mental health, adverse childhood experiences, obesity, and oral health.  We are currently forming workgroups for each of these priority areas to review the evidence base for district improvement action and recommend strategies that will make a difference in the health of district residents.
Contact Paula Thomson at paula.thomson@maine.gov with questions or for more information.

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